30 British businesses seek partnership in Cuba with Castro, Inc.

The Right Honorable Baron David Maxim Triesman

From our Enablers of Repression Bureau

Unable to accomplish anything on its own, Castro, Inc. is constantly searching for foreign investors to do the heavy lifting.

Right now the geniuses at Castro, Inc. are hosting a business forum at which the main topic of conversation is how foreign investors can circumvent the full-throttle Helms-Burton stolen property lawsuits and the new travel sanctions imposed on the communist regime by the Trumpinator.

Given that tourism is the chief money-making enterprise in Castrogonia, the curtailment of travel by Americans is a huge concern.

But worry not, ye leftists and apartheid-loving bigots of the world, Castrogonia will continue to provide slave labor and stolen properties for these foreign investors, and the island’s noble savages will continue to do their utmost to ensure that foreigners and Castro, Inc. can still make lots of money while they themselves continue to live in abject poverty.

In this case, as in all others, the ideological attraction of doing business with a repressive leftist regime plays a large role, and so does stealth racism and the thrill of “righteous” exploitation. And it’s not just Labour party Marxists from the House of Commons who are taking part in this forum through a joint Cuba/UK government program called The Cuba Initiative. The British delegation is led by a titled noble from the House of Lords, the Right Honorable Baron David Maxim Triesman, an ex-Maoist and former member of the Communist party.

Baron Triesman has been doing business with Castro, Inc. for forty years and is head of The Salamanca Group. a pro-Castro “boutique investment and advisory business,”

Congratulations, Baron Triesman, sir, you’ve just given a new meaning to the term “robber baron.” Ali Baba is immensely pleased, along with his forty thousand thieves!

Baron Triesman and Trucutu at business forum in Havana, 17 June 2019

From Granma East (Xinhua)

Cuban and British entrepreneurs on Monday reaffirmed their mutual interest in economic cooperation, despite the United States’ ongoing sanctions against the Caribbean island.

During the opening speech of a two-day business forum at Havana’s National Hotel, Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Rodrigo Malmierca said that local authorities in Cuba have been taking measures to attract foreign investors, which would give Cuba access to modern technology and help expand the export of goods manufactured in Cuba to the international market.

He said that the meeting itself demonstrates the determination of both sides to enhance economic and commercial relations.

On behalf of the British business delegation, Lord David Triesman of the Cuba Initiative expressed his confidence in the success of doing business with Cuba, particular in the arts and sports fields…

…The Cuba Initiative is a working group created in 1995 at government level by Havana and London, with the aim to strengthen economic and trade links between both countries.

The forum, attended by a delegation of about 30 British entrepreneurs, will last until Tuesday. It includes the presentation of Cuban projects for joint ventures in areas such as tourism, agriculture, financial services, oil and gas.

Hey, I’m rubbing elbows with robber barons now!

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