30 percent of Cubans suffer from hypertension, but drugs to treat it are in short supply

Socialist Cuban pharmacy

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Ay, Mami! Castro, Inc. controls the production of prescription drugs in Cuba — as it does with everything else — but, predictably, it simply can’t produce as much medicine as needed.

And since three out of every ten Cubans suffers from high blood pressure (Gee, I wonder why, Mildred)… many of these unlucky men and women are unable to keep their hypertension in check.

Known as “the silent killer” because it normally doesn’t produce noticeable physical effects, hypertension is one of the most dangerous of ailments. It can damage the kidneys and lead to blindness, heart failure and strokes. ( Find out more about hypertension HERE)

So much for the wonderful “free” health care offered to Cubans by Castro, Inc.

Of course, Castrophiles and leftists of all stripes will blame this awful shortage of medications on “the embargo” rather than on the real culprit, Castro, Incorporated.

Socialist Cuban pharmacy

From 14 y Medio, via Translating Cuba:

The news is not encouraging for the more than 3 million Cubans who suffer from high blood pressure. The national pharmaceutical industry is going through a difficult time due to the drop in the import of raw materials, while the demand for anti-hypertensive drugs, such as Enalapril, continues to grow.

Hundreds of millions of tablets to address hypertension and 1 billion tablets of the painkiller Dipirona (metamizole) are produced every year on the island, but demand has doubled in the last decade. The prognosis is that this trend will continue, because more than 30% of the adult population is hypertensive.
Rita María García Almaguer, Director of Operations and Technologies for BioCubaFarma, explained on the Roundtable TV show on Thursday that there are 500,000 patients in the country who consume the anti-hypertensive drug Enalapril. 

In 2010, the national production reached 151 million tablets of this drug, while in 2018 the figure rose to 337 million and for this year it is expected to reach 400 million units. 

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