A plan for the Palestinian people and the Middle East

The United States unveiled a $50 billion “Peace to Prosperity” plan that aims to create jobs for the Palestinian people and promote investment in the region.

“For too long the Palestinian people have been trapped in inefficient frameworks of the past,” Jared Kushner, assistant to President Trump, said June 22, when the White House released the plan. Kushner described it as “a framework for a brighter, more prosperous future for the Palestinian people.”

Infographic with photos, illustrations and text outlining the Peace to Prosperity plan (State Dept./Photos © Shutterstock)
(State Dept./Photos © Shutterstock)

The plan is the focus of a June 25–26 workshop hosted with the Kingdom of Bahrain that will bring together regional governments, business leaders and civil society. Peace to Prosperity includes:

  • An improved business environment to foster private sector growth and private investment.
  • A focus on education and workforce training to give Palestinians the tools they need to succeed in the private sector.
  • Addressing governance issues to improve property rights, strengthen the rule of law, create a reliable judiciary and guard against corruption.

The economic workshop is the the first of a two-part U.S. plan. The second will address political issues and solutions and will be presented later this year, said Jason Greenblatt, President Trump’s special representative for international negotiations.

View of hills of Middle Eastern city with superimposed text on Peace to Prosperity plan (State Dept./Photo © Shutterstock)
(State Dept./Photo © Shutterstock)

“We won’t pretend that reaching an agreement won’t require compromises from both sides,” Greenblatt says in a June 16 commentary. “And we won’t pretend that anyone other than the parties themselves have the right to make the compromises to achieve a peace agreement.”

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