A proper LGBT march in Castrogonia

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and it can be. Look at that photo of an “approved” LGBT public event in Cuba, sponsored by Castro, Inc. (hence the professionally produced poster) and featuring domesticated, PC demonstrators willing to stand behind a sign that says they’re part of the “revolution” and that they, too, are Fidel — the same revolution and the same Fidel responsible for decades of aggressive homophobic persecution and ostracism, up to and including forced-labor concentration camps to “make men” out of “maricones.”

This is how you get “gay rights” in Castrogonia, where NOBODY has real rights: you must play ball with the totalitarian dictatorship and become PR tools and smoke screens for it. The calculated cynicism is overpowering, but Castro, Inc. doesn’t care how obvious it is as long as its target audience buys such bullshit, and so far it has. Remember, by now, there’s no such thing as ignorance, only stupidity verging on retardation or what is rather more common: complicit perversity, also known as hijeputez.

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