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  • Northern Territory on Alert for Rabies Outbreak - The Australian government has warned the Northern Territory and the Torres Strait communities that they are at risk of a rabies outbreak. Currently, Australia and Antarctica are the only continents free of the land-based rabies virus. A study completed by Charles Darwin University has indicated that the virus has spread rapidly throughout the Indonesia Archipelago, only 600 km (about 373 miles) north of Darwin. This has left the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment concerned that an outbreak could occur at any time in the Torres Strait Islands or the Northern Territory. According to Maryann Dalton, CEO of the Australian based Vets Beyond Borders, rabies is a very serious disease. “Rabies is nearly always fatal but it’s 100 percent preventable by vaccination,” said Dalton. Dog bites cause nearly all human cases of rabies. Puppies about to be vaccinated for rabies in Bali, Indonesia. (Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)The World Health Organisation states… ... [Read more...]
  • America has deep roots in reforestation - President Trump recently announced that the United States will join the Trillion Tree Campaign, a movement to plant, restore and protect that number of trees around the world. In pledging U.S. involvement in the international campaign — which has already… ... [Read more...]


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