As Havana crumbles and buildings collapse on residents, Cuba’s dictatorship decides to renovate propaganda venue

As Havana crumbles in disrepair and neglect (left), the socialist Castro dictatorship instead invests in renovating a propaganda venue (right).

The once beautiful city of Havana is crumbling. Buildings collapse on a regular basis, injuring and killing residents unfortunate enough to be in them when they tumble. Just this week, a primary school in Havana had a partial collapse, reportedly injuring five students who had to be hospitalized.

Instead of repairing and maintaining Havana’s collapsing homes and schools, the socialist Castro dictatorship has decided to spend untold millions on renovating their propaganda venue next to the U.S. embassy (via ABC News):

The Cuban government says it is renovating one of the iconic sites of its ideological battle with the United States.

The Anti-Imperialist Tribune is a massive stage that sits beside the United States Embassy on the Malecon seaside promenade. It is crumbling after two decades of constant sun, ocean spray and flooding from hurricanes, including Irma in 2017.

Orestes Llanes Mestres is vice president of the Havana Province Administrative Council. He told state website Cubadebate that two elevated structures would be built on the stage, where speakers addressed massive crowds in 2000 demanding the U.S. return Cuban child Elian Gonzalez after he was rescued at sea.

He said the structures would contain dressing rooms and that others would be rebuilt to withstand weather conditions. He offered no other specifics.

With Havana disintegrating and Cubans losing their homes due to six decades of socialist inefficiency and corruption, one would think the government would invest its money and resources into fixing that dire problem. But this is socialist Cuba, where propaganda and the perpetuation of the Castro dictatorship takes supreme priority.

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