Bill De Blasio (campaigning for Pres. of the U.S. among union workers in Miami) quoted Che Guevara (who denounced the U.S. as the “GREAT ENEMY OF MANKIND!”–and who OUTLAWED LABOR UNIONS under penalty of FIRING SQUAD!)…Le RRRONCA!

“By no means can Cuban workers go on strike! Cuban workers must adjust to life in a collectivist social order!” (Cuba’s “Minister of Industries” Che Guevara, June 26, 1961.)

“Bill De Blasio, who participated in Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, dropped Che’s most famous quote as he joined workers who walked off the job in protest of poor conditions and compensation (at Miami Int. Airport.) As the crowd of around 100 chanted behind him, de Blasio urged them to unionize. “The eyes of the world are on this airport, the eyes of the world are on Miami-Dade.”

Before giving up the microphone to the next speaker, de Blasio blurted a quote from one of the most hated historical figures throughout Miami: “Hasta la victoria, siempre.”

Above: The fate of many Cuban workers who took up arms against Che Guevara’s anti-labor union edicts.

Above: The mass-murdering terrorist who Bill De Blasio triumphantly quoted in Miami, expressing his views on the country that Bill De Blasio craves to lead as President, and on the city that Bill De Blasio leads as mayor.

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