British Labour politician promises to help repressive Cuban state


From our Bureau of Blatantly Monstrous and Sociopathic European Politicians

In European politics there is little or no room for Nazis, but there is still plenty of room for Marxists, their identical twins.

Why anyone would fail to see the similarity between these two inhumane repressive political philosophies is truly baffling, especially for those of us who have experienced the full aggressive monstrosity of a Marxist regime.

Naturally, the vast majority of Marxists, as well as leftists of all stripes — including American ones — love to play the excuse card, that is, to argue that true Marxist socialism has never actually been put into practice correctly. Consequently, the brutality of all self-avowed Marxist regimes (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro) is not to be considered true “socialism.”

This excuse card is constantly being played lately.

A couple of weeks ago, a British Marxist politician, John McDonnell, played this overused excuse card in an interview, saying that the 60-year-old Marxist dictatorship in Cuba “was never socialism.”

But never let it be said that Marxists are troubled by their own duplicity and hypocrisy. This past week McDonnell not only praised the Castro regime for its socialism, but vowed to support it in every possible way if his socialist Labour party wins the UK’s next parliamentary election.

So it goes…. There is no shortage of cretins in this world. And no shortage of mendacity, blindness, and sheer stupidity too.

Viva el socialismo!

From the one and only Daily Mail:

John McDonnell vowed to give money to Cuba’s brutal Communist regime if Labour wins power in the next general election.

The Shadow Chancellor said the UK will be Cuba’s “staunchest ally” during a speech to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, in Clapham, south London, last week. Mr McDonnell also pledged his party’s support while standing in front of a Che Guevara flag on the same day US President imposed sanctions on the country, the Mail on Sunday has reported. Mr McDonnell addressed Cuba’s ambassador to London, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, when he said: “When the election comes and I believe when a Labour government is elected, not if, we will be your staunchest allies to support the Cuban revolution.

“That means political support but it means also support, financial and on trade, to ensure that we prevent any attacks on Cuba that Trump may launch, economically or politically, or any other form.

We stand with you comrades.”..

… Mr McDonnell gave his latest speech just a couple of weeks after he distanced himself from the Cuban regime, by saying “It was never socialism” during an interview with The Times…

His speech was greeted with rapturous applause from the 200-strong crowd before Mr McDonnell posed for pictures for one of Cuba’s tightly controlled newspapers as attendees chanted ‘Viva Cuba’ and ‘Viva socialismo’.

The event, held at the headquarters of the RMT, one of the most militant and Left-wing trade unions in Britain, saw delegates waving Cuban flags while a Cuban flag also flew from a pole atop the building. 

Guests at the event in Clapham, South London, enjoyed a free bar, a hog roast and even indulged in Havana cigars at £10 each, as well as music from a Cuban salsa band and the raffle prize was two return air tickets to Cuba.

Continue reading HERE (includes nauseating video of fellow Labour Marxist Jeremy Corbyn praising the “heroism” of Fidel Castro)

viva el socialismo!

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