Captain of Cuban national soccer team defects in Los Angeles

Yasmani Lopez

While the Democrats and their candidates for president keep telling us how wonderful socialism is, Cubans continue to flee it at almost every opportunity. Yasmani Lopez, the captain of the Cuban national soccer team, defected after his first game at the CONCACAF Gold Cup this weekend in Los Angeles.


Cuba midfielder Yasmani Lopez defected in Los Angeles after playing in the first game of the CONCACAF Gold Cup on Saturday night against Mexico, coach Raul Mederos has confirmed.

“The team, as everyone now knows, did not arrive at the Gold Cup with the full delegation and it is true that our No. 4 midfielder Yasmani Lopez abandoned the team on Saturday night.

“At this point he is the only player who is not with us,” Mederos told reporters on Tuesday night in the news conference prior to Wednesday’s match against Martinique in Denver.

“It is his decision. None of his teammates have anything to do with it. It’s his decision. He took it and went through with it.”

Lopez, 31, served as Cuba’s captain in Saturday’s 7-0 loss to Mexico at the Rose Bowl in California. Cuba will also face Canada on June 23 in the group stage.

Cuban players leaving squads during or after tournaments in the United States has been a regular occurrence for a number of years.

It says a lot about socialism that the only way to get away from it is either to escape, defect, or leave in a pine box.

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