Castrophile MBA from Harvard creates Cuba travel business at the worst possible time

Mr. Olin, master of “impactful” luxury travel to Hell

Santa cachimba de Popeye! (Holy Popeye’s pipe)

Talk about bad timing, and questionable ethics.

A young American businessman with an MBA degree from Harvard who fell in love with the wonders of the Castro slave plantation decided to turn his back on Wall Street and to start a LUXURY travel business that could pump lots of money into the pockets of Castro, Inc. (and perhaps also his own pockets).

Wham! Suddenly the Trumpinator throws a giant monkey wrench into the whole sordid business of bringing Americans to Castrogonia, including those who happen to be filthy rich.

Poof! Income in peril. Slippery profit slope ahead. Peligro! Piso mojado! Awwww. What a pity….

The ethically-challenged young man really loves Castrogonia, despite the fact that it is hell on earth for those who live there. Read his drivel about the marvels of travel to Cuba HERE

Now, naturally, he’s trying very hard to argue that his custom “impactful” LUXURY tours, which will allow Americans with deep pockets to go slumming in Castrogonia, are exempt from Trump’s new travel rules, and that they qualify for the exemption offered to travel that offers “support for the Cuban people.”

Hah! Yeah, sure. Nice move, worthy of any savvy MBA. Let’s hope the appropriate federal authorities see right through his disgustingly lame ruse and close down his LUXURY tours.

His business supports the Cuban people even less than the Castro regime that impoverished them all and keeps them poor and enslaved.

Truth be told, this luxury travel business is no different from the exploitative bigoted tourism of yesteryear, which Mr. Olin professes to shun. He and his customers are no different from any of the jackass American tourists of the 1950’s, such as the one pictured below.

The new bigotry and the old bigotry

From Yahoo Finance:

Meet Chad Olin, Founder and CEO of CUBA CANDELA, a company that is changing American perceptions and creating meaningful experiences on the island of Cuba with private custom tours for individuals (couples and families).
In the company’s founding story, Olin reveals the deeply personal journey of leaving his private equity career in New York City to launch an experiential travel company in Cuba. In search of personal growth and fulfillment, Olin quits his job and follows his passion for travel. On a quest for “dense experiences,” he is transformed during a profound months-long backpacking adventure in Asia.

A unique moment in history presents itself while Olin is attending Harvard Business School—President Obama announces the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba. And with that, everything changed. During the subsequent summer spent on the island, Olin is inspired by meaningful encounters with the Cuban people. He connects with the island’s spirit of hospitality and is forever changed by the country’s warmth, cultural vibrancy, creativity, resilience and sense of community.

Shaped by the transformative power of travel and compelled to share authentic experiences with others, Olin launches CUBA CANDELA. The path is paved with herculean obstacles. Despite many challenges, Olin is propelled forward by a deep trust and rooted sense of purpose in showing the world there is more that unites us than divides us.

CUBA CANDELA delivers impactful and authentic luxury experiences on the island of Cuba, through a socially conscious model that is respectful and sustainable to local communities. Through the company’s work with private sector Cuban entrepreneurs, its custom tours for individuals (couples and families) are authorized under the “support for the Cuban people” travel license and are fully compliant with the new Cuba travel policy announced by the Trump administration on June 4, 2019.

Whole story HERE

Mr. Olin mingling with the noble savages

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