Google does not side with America

It is not only that Google does not accept Donald Trump as the legitimate President of the United States and therefore does not endorse him in the international arena, it is also that Google does not really side with USA and does recognize some like Russia, the archenemy of America.

Google Doodles Archive Jun 12-Jun 19 2019
Google Doodles Archive Jun 12-Jun 19 2019

The Digital Nations, Google, Facebook and Twitter does not side all the way with America. June the 14th is not only the birthday of the 45th President of the Unites Estates of America, but is also the 244th Anniversary of the birth of the US Army, the oldest and greatest armies of the whole The Americas.

The Digital Nations forgot to mention the US Army which is the organizations that allow them to be and keep them safe and free to exist and prosper.

The digital giant Google, in sharp contrast with they gruesome omission of the US Army Day, did not forget on June 12 the Day of Russia.