Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    • Prepare Your Health: Personal Health Preparedness for People with Bleeding Disorders March 4, 2019
        March is Bleeding Disorders Month. Learn more about bleeding disorders, their symptoms, treatments, and how to prepare for emergencies on the Division of Blood Disorders website. Personal health preparedness and planning are important for everyone, but essential for people with bleeding disorders. Bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia and von Willebrand disease (VWD), are conditions […]
    • Digging Out: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Health to Shovel Snow February 14, 2019
      Shoveling snow is strenuous exercise. Just the thought of moving hundreds of pounds of snow and slush is enough to make your legs prickle, to make your arms and shoulders burn, and to make your back tire. Shoveling snow is such strenuous exercise that, according to Harvard Medical School, an 185-pound person can expect to […]
    • Health Departments Work Off the Field to Keep Fans Safe, Healthy on Game Day January 29, 2019
      It's almost game day. Over the course of this week, an estimated 1 million people will visit Atlanta for the Super Bowl LIII experience or to attend the game on Sunday, Feb. 3. A week from now, after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded and the fans head home, things will return to normal. And […]
    • Service Beyond Oneself: MRC Volunteers Share Their 'Why' January 21, 2019
      The Martin Luther King (MLK) Day of Service is an opportunity to help "strengthen communities, bridge barriers, [and] create solutions to social problems" through volunteering. While there are many ways to strengthen your community, one way is to help your community prepare for public health emergencies. Improving community preparedness and responses to public health emergencies […]
    • 5 Practical Skills for the Holiday 'Host(ess) with the Mostest' December 17, 2018
      It's not easy playing the part of host or hostess with the "mostest" at the holidays. A lot of time, effort, and planning goes into making merry with family and friends. In all the excitement of getting the house and food ready for guests, honest mistakes, minor mishaps, and even life-threatening emergencies can happen. Some […]