Charlie Crist’s ‘secret’ trip to socialist Cuba to chum around with the murderous Castro dictatorship finally exposed

Despite his best efforts to make his trip to socialist Cuba secret, former Florida governor and now U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist (D) failed miserably. Babalú reported on Crist’s adventures in Cuba while the slimy politician was still on the island in late April. But as it’s usually the case, it took the U.S. media a few weeks to catch up.

Via Sunshine State News:

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist always did like to make cozy with important people. You remember. 

The Florida congressman and former governor apparently got to do both April 25 when he slipped out of Washington in secret, boarded a plane and flew with Chief of Staff Austin Durrer to Havana. 

Certainly his office kept the three-day trip under ‘wraps. 

It was Steve Contorno of the Tampa Bay Times who brought the story to light Wednesday.

Odd timing for such a trip. Risky even. As Contorno wrote, “Crist’s tour of the island coincided with growing diplomatic strain between Trump and Cuban leaders over the situation in Venezuela, a country in the midst of a humanitarian and constitutional crisis. (President Donald) Trump’s foreign policy team and influential Republicans like Sen. Marco Rubio have accused Cuba of propping up Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, the country’s disputed leader. National Security Advisor John Bolton claimed there are more than 20,000 Cuban troops in South America providing security for Maduro.”

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, who hung out with Crist on the island, denied the claim on the day Crist arrived, calling Bolton a “pathological liar.”

Also strange is how the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA), the left-leaning organization that paid Crist’s way, came to sponsor this political chameleon from St. Petersburg — out of all the lawmakers in Washington. CDA’s stated mission is to establish “a U.S. policy toward Cuba based on engagement and recognition of Cuba’s sovereignty.”

Think about it. On the one hand, Crist the Obama hugger — the Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat — was a big supporter of the former president’s easing of travel and business restrictions to Cuba four years ago. But on the other hand, “he has joined most of the Florida Congressional delegation in calling for Maduro to turn over power to Interim President Juan Guaidó, who is recognized by Venezuela’s national assembly, the United States and dozens of allies as the country’s legitimate leader.”

Trouble is, one thing we’ve learned about Crist is, if you want to know where he stands at any given moment, look at the company he keeps. The man is a master political gyro who turns on a dime. It’s his gift.

It is almost poetic justice that the same officials of the murderous Castro dictatorship Crist was chumming around with in Cuba were the ones who immediately exposed his secret and threw him under the bus. It was Bruno Rodriguez, the Cuban dictatorship’s Foreign Minister, who tweeted out a picture of himself and Crist for the entire world to see a day after he arrived in Cuba.

That it took the U.S. media weeks to discover this is another story completely.

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