City of Miami passes resolution to stop payments to the Cuban dictatorship for its propaganda ‘artists’

For decades, Cuba’s Castro regime has been sending its “artists” to the U.S. and Miami on propaganda tours. Despite their talent, the “artists” are nothing more than communist apparatchiks employed by a corrupt and brutally repressive dictatorship. The performances by these “artists” not only provide publicity, but also much-needed hard currency for the socialist Castro dictatorship.

Nevertheless, while many cities in the U.S. and the world welcome the visits by these purveyors of communist propaganda and are happy to pay the Cuban dictatorship for the privilege, the City of Miami has had enough.

On Thursday, the Miami city commission passed a resolution asking the U.S. Congress to give local governments the authority to ban businesses from paying the Castro regime for these propaganda tours (via Miami’s WPLG Local 10 News):

“It is a mockery what these Cuban artists are doing when they come here,” said Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes, who was born in Cuba. 

Reyes and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez introduced a resolution urging the U.S. Congress to enact legislation to allow local governments to prohibit businesses from hiring Cuban artists who do business with the Cuban government. Commissioners voted to pass it on Thursday. 

The commission wants the proposed ban to stay in place “until freedom of expression is restored for all Cubans and not just a few favored artists…”

This resolution will no doubt bring out the Castro dictatorship’s defenders and supporters who will denounce it as an attempt to censor art. But the resolution does not ban these “artists” from performing, it only bans businesses from paying the Castro dictatorship for their performances.

Besides, you would be hard pressed to find a single one of these “free speech” advocates who has ever uttered a single word against the Castro dictatorship decades-long ban on Cuban American artists performing in Cuba, such as Willie Chirino or Celia Cruz.

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