Communist Auckland mayoral candidate wants to turn New Zealand into socialist Cuba

New Zealand communist Anna Lucia Vermunt

The U.S. is not the only place socialists have gone wild; they’re going wild in New Zealand as well.

Via the New Zealand Herald:

The Communist League is contesting the Auckland Mayoralty at October’s local body election by asking workers to “come and join us” to overturn capitalist rule for a socialist state like Cuba.

Unionist Annalucia Vermunt is contesting the mayoralty for a third time after standing in 2010 and 2013 for the Communist League. Patrick Brown, who stood for the mayoralty in 2016, is standing for the league in the Manukau ward.

“We join with working people confronting the attacks on our rights and living standards that are the capitalists’ response to the crisis of their system.

“We join actions to defend Maori land at Ihumatao. We stand with those fighting to defend a woman’s right to choose abortion. We oppose the wars of Washington and its allies, including the New Zealand Government. We say, ‘Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba. Hands off Iran.’

“Working people need to emulate the socialist revolution in Cuba … come and join us,” said Vermunt.

Socialists have lost most if not all fear in admitting their true objectives. They want to take over the entire world and spread their misery, repression, and death on everyone.

The days of hiding your socialist background and enacting hidden agendas to secretly implement socialist policies are gone. Like AOC, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and the other Democrats embracing socialism, they are out in open now: They’re crazy socialists and proud!

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