Cruises brought nearly one million tourists to Cuba in 2018

Ship of fools

From our Bureau of Distressing Statistics That Prove the Existence of Original Sin

2018 was a record-breaking year for the tourism industry of Castro, Inc.

Nearly five million slumming apartheid tourists flocked to the communist hell-hole in 2018 (actual number 4.750,000), about a million of which came in cruise ships (actual number 800,000).

Words fail. What can one say about such moral turpitude, other than to observe that the Christian doctrine of original sin is arguably the most astute empirical observation ever made about the human race.

In other words, humans are born with an irresistible urge for selfishness and self-gratification.

Need proof of this? Talk to the 4,750,000 selfish wretches who visited Cuba last year. And if you don’t have time to talk to that many dolts, just concentrate on the 800,000 who got there on a cruise ship.

Long live apartheid and slavery !!!

From Seatrade Cruise News:

Of the 4.75m international visitors to Cuba in 2018, approximately 800,000 arrived on ships belonging to 17 cruise lines, according to Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), as reported by John Kavulich, president of the New York-based [pro-Castro, pro-slavery, pro-apartheid] US-Cuba Trade and Economic Council.

That was up from 2017’s 619,000 cruise travelers, of a total 4.5m visitor arrivals recorded by MINTUR, Kavulich said. MINTUR’s cruise count for 2016 was 541,000.

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