Cuban dissident arrested for staging street protest in Havana

Hero of the Day: Maikel Herrera Gómez

From our Bureau of Unbelievable Acts of Courage

Incredible bravery, fueled by unbearable exasperation.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

A Cuban protested this Wednesday in the middle of Havana’s La Rampa Boulevard to demand respect for freedom of expression and against police corruption in the country.

Maikel Herrera Gómez, a member of the opposition coalition Unión Patriótica de Cuba, walked several blocks on 23rd Street, near the Habana Libre Hotel (formerly Havana Hilton, before it was stolen by Castro, Inc.), with a sign that read “Corrupt Police and Pimps, Down with Corruption.”

Activist Yunet Cairo Reigada, who filmed the protest, told Radio Televisión Martí that they managed to walk about two blocks from 23 and M to the Hotel Habana Libre, until Herrera Gómez was arrested.

The protest was “for everything in general, because we are already tired of having so much corruption in the country, of not having freedom of expression (…), of all the abuses of the political police and State Security,” he said.

In the video, published on Facebook by Richard Schirrmann, Herrera Gómez is heard identifying himself and showing his identity card.

See video HERE

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