Cuban dissident expelled and banned from Cuba by the Castro dictatorship is finally found in Guyana

An exclusive report by Frances Martel in Breitbart:

Missing Cuban Dissident Resurfaces in Guyana: ‘Donald Trump Will Free America’

Daniel Llorente, a Cuban dissident who became famous after receiving a public beating for waving an American flag in Cuba’s Marxist May Day Parade, tells Breitbart News the communist regime forced him on a one-way flight to Guyana to keep him from continuing his pro-American activism.

Llorente asserted that, now in Guyana, he aspires to request political asylum in the United States, citing the “15 to 20” times Cuban police have arrested him for public statements against communism and threats from Cuban police that, if he ever sets foot in Cuba again, “we will disappear you.”

He is currently wandering the streets of the Guyanese capital, Georgetown, possessing only the clothing he is wearing and a bookbag containing a Bible, a copy of the U.S. Constitution, and a book on American history. He grabbed the bookbag when police arrived at his home at 4:00 a.m. Havana time on May 16, thinking he was going to merely be arrested.

He has no mobile phone or other means of communication in Georgetown. He is surviving thanks to the charity of Cubans and Cuban-Americans in Guyana who recognized him and paid for his stay at a local inn, he told Breitbart News, but he is seeking employment and a legal avenue into the United States.

Llorente spoke to Breitbart News in an exclusive interview in conjunction with journalist Leonard Gildarie of Kaieteur News, a Guyanese newspaper.

Upon arriving in Guyana, Llorente contacted the American government outlet Martí News, which operates to inform the Cuban public about the realities of their communist government. Breitbart News translated the story Martí published and sought information on Llorente’s whereabouts. Neither the Guyanese government, the U.S. embassy, nor the airline Llorente told Martí he took, Aruba Airlines, could provide proof that Llorente left Cuba this week. Yet, through Breitbart News, Martí communicated to Llorente that Kaieteur News, whose offices are in Georgetown, was interested in meeting him.

When Gildarie arrived in his office on Thursday afternoon, a man claiming to be Llorente was there, carrying his small bookbag and wearing a shirt reading “I love” and depicting the American flag, the Western Hemisphere, and President Donald Trump.

Llorente provided his Cuban passport, government identification, and airplane ticket stub as proof of his identity. The tattoos visible on his arm matched photos and videos of the activist repeatedly detained in Havana.

His passport has stamps from Cuba’s José Martí Airport and the Guyanese government, the latter signed by an agent named “Archer.” The Guyanese stamp raises questions as to how the Guyanese government claimed to have no proof that anyone named Daniel Llorente Miranda, the dissident’s full name, ever entered the country.

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