Cuban government blocks phone lines of UNPACU dissidents

Jose Daniel Ferrer

From our Annals of Tropical Social Justice Bureau

Castogonia’s Ministry of the Interior is blocking the phone lines of at least twenty Cuban dissidents.

Although the dissidents pay in full the exorbitant monthly rates charged by Castro, Inc.’s communications monopoly ECTESA, their phones lines are simply turned off. No explanations, no excuses, no refunds.

So, not only is this a violation of human rights, but also a form of thievery.

Naturally, since none of these dissidents can afford cell phone service, their accounts are paid from abroad. But Castro, Inc. slaps a surcharge for that.

For the vast majority of Cubans — who earn only about 20 dollars a month — the amount of money being stolen from them by Castro, Inc. is almost inconceivable.

The $200 per line monthly rate is the equivalent of TEN MONTHS of income for the vast majority of Cubans, including these dissidents. The $600 surcharge for accounts funded from abroad is the equivalent of TWO AND A HALF YEARS (30 MONTHS) of income.

Viva el socialismo, y el marxismo-leninismo! This is what all leftists really mean when they talk about “social justice.”

Ferrer encounters social justice agents

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Activists of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) residents in Santiago de Cuba have been unable to access the internet service for mobile data since Friday despite having paid the balance due on their accounts.

According to Radio Martí, the opposition leader, José Daniel Ferrer, leader of UNPACU, in some cases, can neither receive nor make calls.
“In my phone line they are stealing more than 200 dollars in the account, and more than 600 dollars of the so-called bonus when they recharge you abroad,” denounced Ferrer.

Among those affected, he mentioned UNPACU coordinators Carlos Amel Oliva, Katerine Mojena, Ovidio Martín, Jorge Cervantes, among others, up to about 20 activists.

“They can’t use the internet after buying the so-called package because they suspended their mobile data service,” explained Ferrer.

The problem began in the evening of Friday night, July 12, and until the publication of this story the service had not been restored yet.

“In my case I can’t make or receive calls, or receive SMS In the case of other activists (…) what they can’t do is use the internet, I have already had three phone lines blocked by order of the Ministry of the Interior. Over thepast few months these same phone numbers have started working again under the names of other people, “said the UNPACU leader.

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