Cuban pastor imprisoned for homeschooling his children transferred to a maximum security cell

Pastor Ramon Rigal.

This is what “change” and “reform” look like in communist Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Pastor imprisoned in Cuba transferred to maximum security cell block

Pastor Ramon Rigal, sentenced to two years in prison for homeschooling his children and taking them out of public schools where he said they were being indoctrinated into communism, was transferred to a maximum security cell block at the Guantanamo provincial prison.

His daughter Ruth Rigal told Radio Martí that the pastor “did not break any rules” to warrant moving him to that block.

According to Cuban penitentiary regulations, maximum security is reserved for prisoners with commuted death sentences and those who have committed serious crimes in prison, among other serious crimes.

No prisoner in maximum security can be released on parole. “Now he is only allowed visits once a month,” lamented Rigal’s daughter.

The religious leader is supposed to serve two years in prison for the crime of “other acts contrary to the normal development of a minor” and for “illicit association” since his church is not recognized by the regime.

His wife, Ayda Exposito, is imprisoned serving a one year term for the first listed crime.

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