Cuban police besiege and arrest dissidents before they could assemble for a meeting

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

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As usual, once again, Castronoid state security forces have prevented dissidents from meeting.

In Cuba, you see, merely planning a meeting can be a crime, and the state security spy network is so efficient that they can swoop in and arrest all participants even before they get out of their front door.

Aaaaah! The wonders of Castrogonia, the ultimate socialist paradise!

Jose Diaz Silva

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Cuban political police prevented this Friday June 7 an event of the Cuban Network of Community Communicators, led by dissident Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, in Havana.

In an interview with Radio Televisión Martí, Roque Cabello, a political ex-prisoner sentenced to 20 years in prison in the Black Spring of 2003, said that several of the possible participants had been arrested in the morning, while others had their houses surrounded and besieged by police.

“After the time of the call and had not arrived, we began to do the investigations and we found out that Jorge Bello Dominguez, of the Cuban network, was under arrest at the Güira de Melena police station; Dagoberto Martínez, also from the Network, from Pinar del Río, had the house surrounded,”said the dissident.

The Cuban Community Communicators Network also has a digital site of the same name and in it the communicators expose complaints of a social nature, about repressive acts of the government’s agents, and also about activities of Cuban dissidents.

Last February, for instance, journalist Jorge Bello denounced poor working conditions and breach of contract suffered by charcoal brigades and lumberjacks in Artemisa province who complained of unpaid work and low wages, as well as terrible working conditions…

… Martha Beatriz Roque also explained that for the meeting on Friday the participation of several activists of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic had been confirmed, led by José Díaz Silva, and some were arrested, as was Silva, who was released hours later.

“None of the people who were going to attend the meeting have shown up here,” said Roque, “and all their telephones have been turned off.”

Whole story HERE in Spanish

Jorge Bello

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