Cuban quasi-colony of Nicaragua grants amnesty to police and protesters who clashed in protests

In a highly controversial move, Nicaragua’s Castrophile legilators have pardoned all police accused of using excessive force during demonstrations last year while at the same time freeing protesters who were abused by the police and jailed.

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Nicaragua’s Congress approved a sweeping amnesty law during a Saturday session that will offer protection to police and others who took part in a violent clampdown on anti-government protesters over the past year.
Passed by lawmakers allied with President Daniel Ortega who control the chamber just a day after it was introduced, the legislation faced blistering critiques from domestic opposition and provoked a stern rebuke from the United Nations’ top human rights official.
The law was approved by 70 votes from Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in the 92-member chamber. It also allows for the release of detainees arrested during anti-Ortega protests, individuals who the former Marxist guerilla has dubbed terrorists.
Lawmakers who backed the law said they were taking a stand for national unity.
“We are witnessing an act of sovereignty that seeks peace and reconciliation,” lawmaker Edwin Castro, who leads the FSLN caucus in the Congress, said during debate on the proposal. “It hurts to have to give amnesty to confessed murderers of police officers and to torturers,” he added.

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