Cuba’s Communist Party purges party leaders in three cities

I love the smell of purges in the morning: It smells like . . . communism.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Three secretaries of the Communist Party replaced in Matanzas, Villa Clara, and Ciego de Avila

According to the official daily newspaper Granma, the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) replaced its first secretaries in Matanzas, Villa Clara, and Ciego de Avila.

The report explained the replacements came as part of the policy approved at the 7th Congress of the PCC calling for “the renovation and the shifting of personnel to different party and governmental responsibilities to assist [in the party’s] formation in a comprehensive fashion.”

Those replaced are Teresa Rojas Monzon (Matanzas), Julio Ramiro Lima Corzo (Villa Clara), and Felix Duarte Ortega (Ciego de Avila). Granma, which is the official organ of the PCC, said all three would be reassigned to “other duties” within the government or in the party, which is the regime’s usual inscrutable way of communication.

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