Cuba’s Mariela Castro admonishes independent gay activists, demands they remain within the socialist revolution

Mariela Castro, the self-proclaimed benefactor of gay activists in Cuba took to Twitter to admonish activists for marching without state approval. On Saturday, Cuban State Security agents beat and arrested gay rights activists for participating in a parade without the Castro regime’s permission.

It seems despite her elevation by the media as a gay rights savior in Cuba, Mariela Castro has no patience or tolerance for gay Cubans who dare to defy her father’s dictatorship:

Translation (by asombra):

“Those who truly want to defend [these events] should close ranks with CENESEX to guarantee their successful development, rather than join provocations or politically biased attacks.”

Once again we see how in socialist Cuba, gay rights are just a tool to promote the Castro dictatorship. The moment it ceases to benefit them, it is quickly and violently quashed.

As they say, the acorn indeed does not fall far from the tree. It was Mariela’s uncle, Fidel Castro, who infamously proclaimed that within the revolution everything was allowed, but outside the revolution, nothing was allowed.

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