Cursory visit by UN’s Bachelet to socialist Venezuela did nothing for the cause of freedom

As someone noted on social media over the weekend, Michelle Bachelet’s visit to socialist Venezuela did not disappoint anyone. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights gave the Maduro dictatorship the support it wanted and hung the democratic opposition out to dry, as they knew she would do.

For a country burning to the ground, Michelle Bachelet did quite a cursory visit to Venezuela. It was so superficial, the leftist bureaucrat could have achieved the same dismal results via a web conference.

Sabrina Martin in PanAm Post:

Bachelet’s Useless Visit to Venezuela Could Have Been Conducted via Skype

Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, recently arrived in Venezuela to investigate the ravages of the crisis in the South American country. However, she did not visit prisons or hospitals, did not leave Caracas, and remained behind desks listening to testimony. What she did, she could have accomplished via Skype from her office in Geneva, and saved the UN the cost of an expensive plane ticket.

Although Bachelet did meet with representatives of the regime and the opposition, officials of the Nicolás Maduro dictatorship, participated in a meeting with interim President Guaidó, met with relatives of political prisoners, and listened to human rights defenders, the reality is that she does not know about the crisis first hand.

We would have liked to see more field visits. Normality in our country has been lost. This visit helps the crisis not to normalize. I am sure this visit will be important because it entails recognition of the crisis,” said Guaidó after meeting with the UN official.

It took 17 years for a senior UN Human Rights official to travel to Venezuela; a visit of this kind surely merited more dedication, and more than four days.

Venezuela is the country with the highest number of refugee claims in the world, the nation with the highest inflation, the highest rates of food and medicine shortages, and a record numbers of political prisoners.

It is a country where most of its states do not have access to public services, and is currently facing a war-time economy, where the right to private property is violated daily, businessmen are arrested, and dissidents are tortured.

It is a country where suicide, as well as the deaths of children and adults due to lack of access to medical supplies, transplants or basic medicines, is increasing day by day. In short, to know the urgency of the crisis in Venezuela, one must venture out from beyond offices.

The former president of Chile, for example, did not visit hospitals in the country where patients die every day waiting for access to their treatments; she did not visit the prisons where political prisoners are held where they are tortured and kidnapped by the dictatorship. Bachelet also did not go through the streets of the country to see the Venezuelans eating from garbage or bathing in the filthy Guaire River in Caracas.

The UN High Commissioner did not leave the Venezuelan capital or visit the border or Zulia state, the hottest in the country, with an average temperature of 104 degrees, where the population does not have access to fuel, electricity, water, or gas.

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