Democrats silent on Castro dictatorship’s violent repression of gay rights activists in Cuba

Democrats pay a lot of lip service to human rights, but they get quite tight-lipped when the human rights violators are socialist dictatorships. After the Castro dictatorship violently arrested gay rights activists in Cuba over the weekend, we have not heard a peep from the Democrats defending the human rights of gay Cubans.

Tom Rogan reports at the Washington Examiner:

Cuban homosexuals and the intellectual vacuity of Democrats’ human rights rhetoric

Democrats spent last Friday proclaiming how their 2020 presidential nominee would restore American moral exceptionalism: advancing human rights as a primary foreign policy concern.

Cuba’s regime ruined that narrative on Sunday with an aggressive roundup of gay activists. Their crime? Marching without a license. Cuba’s communist regime had banned the parade, and the activists courageously decided to march anyway. Democrats, however, don’t seem to have noticed the roundup, as not one has commented on the events in Cuba.

The silence is understandable. To comment would be to draw attention to the incompatibility of Democratic rhetoric on human rights and the absurdity of Democratic policy. It goes far deeper than Cuba, but hypocrisy is the watchword.


The basic point is that Democrats now seem fixated on the appearance of human rights rather than on serving those interests alongside America’s. The trend began under Obama, as testified by the debacles of Syria and MH-17. But Cuba has just shown it continues: homosexuals get dragged off the street for merely marching and Democrats get to show their rhetoric isn’t all that serious.

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