Don’t be afraid to praise God… Anywhere!

Just think instead of protesters in the street we could have this it would be a real game changer. In every city, at once, that would be so wonderful! Love this America needs more of this! – Carolyn Hartsell

Love this song. God Bless Mr. Hezekiah Walker for doing this. I would’ve been out there rocken right with them. More Gospel artist should do this. And also speaking outside as well. God said spread the Gospel, not keep it contained in buildings only. There are millions of people who don’t attend church, who don’t here the word, this could be the way to draw more people in. This is a country of freedom of speech and for the ones who don’t want to listen or partake well then God Bless you, but don’t listen. I hope this is done more and more. This was beautiful. Wonder if he’s going to do this again. If he does, then I hope its posted were. | Melissa Harris

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