Electoral fraud in Venezuela that kept Cuba’s puppet dictator Maduro in power revealed by Chavista

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Venezuela: Key Chavista Reveals Electoral Fraud that Maintained Maduro in Power

General Hugo Carvajal has alleged that Carlos Quintero was able to manipulate election results at will, stealing elections from the Venezuelan opposition.

General Hugo Carvajal, a key Chavista who rebelled against Nicolás Maduro, has released a bombshell allegation that explains how the dictatorship stole presidential elections to perpetuate itself in power.

The letter, published on Twitter, reveals that the first lady, Cilia Flores or the powerful Chavista Diosdado Cabello had “the power” to order altered results in Venezuela.

Carlos Quintero, was the second in command at Venezuela’s electoral headquarter, the National Electoral Council (CNE). “A call from Cilia or Diosdado would be enough to alter the results at our convenience,” he allegedly said in 2017 to Carvajal.

Carvajal, who is currently imprisoned in Spain on drug trafficking charges, addressed the letter to the National Assembly of Venezuela and the international community, accusing Carlos Quintero Cuevas, as one of the main architects of electoral theft.

Quintero was an associate of Carvajal in the Directorate of Military Intelligence where he worked as head of Computing at the Communications Directorate; later he was sent to the National Electoral Council (CNE) to perpetrate the biggest electoral fraud in the history of Venezuela.

Carvajal explains that Quintero had full and direct access to the electoral results “even before the officials” of the CNE.

“Between 2004 and 2012, Carlos Quintero was the first person to know the preliminary results of each election, I was the second and President (Hugo) Chávez the third,” Carvajal revealed in the letter.

Among his revelations, he states that the disputed elections between Henrique Capriles Radonski and Nicolás Maduro were tilted by “mechanisms that are not transparent, or impartial, and can be manipulated.”

Carvajal explains that in 2017 the electoral mega-fraud of the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly took place, and was orchestrated by Carlos Quintero on the orders of Nicolás Maduro.

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