Hackers break into website of Cuba’s state-run propaganda newspaper on Mother’s Day, hilarity ensues

A group of hackers were apparently able to break into the Granma website on Sunday and change the headline on one of their featured articles. The state-run propaganda newspaper is the pride and joy of the communist Castro dictatorship and their version of the soviet Pravda.

The article was originally a Mother’s Day message for Cuban mothers from Castro puppet dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel. But hackers were able to change the headline and add some truth in a rather hilarious if not vulgar fashion.

A literal translation of the headline the hackers put up would not make any sense in English, but the message is roughly: “Diaz-Canel congratulates mothers on their day, but Cuban mothers say the dictator Diaz-Canel can go to hell.”

Via Noticias Diarias (my translation):

This Sunday, May 12th, a group of insurgents who call themselves “The Alliance” hacked into a page of the Cuban daily Granma, twisting the congratulations from Miguel Diaz Canel for mothers on their day.

A video where the apparent hack is shown has gone viral on social media.

This is not the first time Granma has been a victim of such pranks.


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