Head of Cuba’s telecommunications monopoly ETECSA added to list of violent repressors

Mayra Arevich Marín

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Violence is one of the constant perils faced by all dissidents in Cuba. And quite often — if not always– violence against dissidents can be traced directly to the island’s Castronoid oligarchy.

Such is the case with Mayra Arevich, the woman in charge of Castro, Inc.’s telecommunications monopoly, who has been fomenting violence against dissident Yoani Sanchez and other outspoken critics of the island’s repressive government.

The Cuban exile organization Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is keeping a list of repressors. Three other Castronoids were added to the list along with Arevich.

While it might not make any difference at present, maybe it will come in handy one day soon.

Soon, let’s hope…

From Translating Cuba /14 y medio

On Friday, The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) added Mayra Arevich, executive president of the state telecommunications monopoly Etecsa, to its database of violent repressors, according to a statement released by the organization.

The FHRC, based in Miami, has also added Ernesto Gómez Novoa, second chief of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba, blogger Iroel Sánchez and director of the CubaSí site, Manuel H. Lagarde to the list.

Averich has been classified as a violent repressor by the Foundation “for publicly inciting hatred” against the journalist and director of 14ymedio , Yoani Sánchez. In its statement, the FHRC warns that these attacks may open the possibility of acts of violence” against and they are happening “at a time when the government is intensifying its war propaganda against citizens.”

On Twitter, Sánchez said she would hold Averich responsible, “for any damage” suffered by her or her family from the dissemination of a “message of hate and misogyny” that the official spread in her account of that social network.

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