Independent LGBTI activist in Cuba arrested by Castro State Security

Cuban independent gay activist Roberto Ramos Mori was arrested by Castro State Security.

For many years now, progressives and leftists in the U.S. have been great admirers of the Castro dictatorship. They believe socialist Cuba is a shining example of equality for all races, sexes, and sexual orientations. In reality, however, it is the exact opposite.

Cuba’s dictatorship remains extremely racist as evidenced by its apartheid policies and its lily-white, European descent ruling class. Misogyny and discrimination against women is rampant. And gay Cubans, who were once rounded up into concentration camps, are now only tolerated as long as they are subservient to the Castro regime and allow their movement to be usurped by the Cuban government.

On Thursday, Cuban State Security arrested Roberto Ramos Mori, and independent LGBTI activist in Cuba. His crime? Helping to organize a peaceful gay rights march in Havana outside the control of the Castro dictatorship.

Via The Washington Blade:

Cuban police on Thursday arrested an independent LGBTI activist at his Havana tattoo parlor.

Maykel González Vivero of Tremenda Nota, the Washington Blade’s media partner in Cuba, on Facebook wrote Roberto Ramos Mori was taken into custody near Plaza de Armas in Old Havana. González wrote Ramos was placed into a private car “as though he were kidnapped.”

González told the Blade state security officials earlier on Thursday asked Ramos who organized an unsanctioned LGBTI march that took place in Havana on May 11. González said Ramos “did not want to talk with them.”

Independent activists have criticized Ramos’ arrest on Facebook and Twitter. Sources in Havana said he was released a few hours after he was taken into custody.

Cuban police arrested several people who participated in the unsanctioned LGBTI march.

The National Center for Sexual Education, a group directed by Mariela Castro, the daughter of former President Raúl Castro, last week announced the cancellation of its annual International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia march in Havana that was to have taken place on May 11. A second IDAHOBiT march was scheduled for Friday in the city of Camagüey.

State security officials in the days leading up to the unsanctioned march told independent activists not to attend it. They also prevented some of them from leaving their homes in order to attend the Havana march and other unsanctioned IDAHOBiT marches that were scheduled to take place elsewhere in the country.

Far from the socialist paradise progressives imagine, Cuba was and continues to be a totalitarian hellhole where individual and group rights are not only forcibly withheld, but also unrecognized.

The saddest part is that while American progressives only have to worry about their Cuban socialism dreams crashing down to the ground, the Cuban gay community must face the full force of the brutally oppressive Cuban police state.

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