Indicted former Argentine president Cristina Kirchner granted permission to visit Cuba again

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Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is one of Fidel Castro’s most ardent admirers and one of King Raul’s best friends too.

Ousted from Argentina’s presidency due to corruption charges leveled against her, she now still on trial. Naturally, she insists that her indictment and removal from office were due to “persecution” by Argentine “far right” extremists.

As could only happen in Latrine America, Cristina was elected to Argentina’s legislature despite the corruption indictment, and is not just serving as a senator, but constantly threatening to run for president again.

She’s already been allowed to travel to Cuba once before — though she is under indictment and could conceivably claim asylum in Castrogonia and escape prosecution — and has just been granted permission to go there again, to visit her daughter Florencia.

Florencia has been living in Cuba for a while, and is supposedly under medical care for lymphedema (swelling of the arms and legs) and post traumatic stress syndrome caused by Cristina’s “persecution.”

Cristina and daughter Florencia

From Granma East (Xinhua)

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was given judicial permission Wednesday to travel to Cuba, the Judicial Information Center said.

Fernandez asked the Federal Oral Court 2 for permission to travel to Cuba on July 2-10 to visit her daughter, who is under medical treatment.

The court is trying her for allegedly heading an illegal association to commit fraud by awarding public contracts to businesses which allegedly had close ties with her family.

The request was made Friday by her attorney, Carlos Beraldi, who provided the court with a copy of her ticket to Cuba. Beraldi said Fernandez would be staying at the same hotel where she stayed during previous visits to her daughter Florencia Kirchner.

Florencia suffers from “post traumatic stress, low body weight and mild lower limb lymphedema,” according to medical reports presented by her attorneys.
She travelled to Cuba in February to take a course in screenwriting, and as her health declined, medical professionals advised her against plane travel.
The court hearings against Fernandez began on May 21.

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