Is there an avalanche on the way for lawsuits against foreign partners of Cuba’s Castro, Inc.?

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From our Annals of True Social Justice Bureau

Thus far nine lawsuits have been filed in U.S. courts against companies that are profiting from property stolen from Cubans by Castro, Inc.

Some analysts who expected a flood of lawsuits see this as a very “slow start.” But others see it as the calm before a storm.

A lengthy and very detailed article in the Arnold and Porter website (aimed at the legal profession) outlines the reasons for the “slow start” and predicts that an avalanche of lawsuits might soon be on the way.

The closing paragraph sums up the reasons for this prediction.

Although the number of Title III lawsuits filed so far has been smaller than expected, given the large potential damages and interest available to successful claimants, more lawsuits can be expected, especially if the early cases are resolved in ways favorable to plaintiffs. Some plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ lawyers may also be moved by FOMO (“fear of missing out”) from a concern that a different US administration might re-suspend Title III, which would prevent new lawsuits from being filed but would not affect existing suits.

If you’re curious about the reasons for the slow start, you can find the entire article HERE

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