Kenyan terrorists demand $1,500,000 ransom for kidnapped Cuban slave doctors

Slave doctors Assel Herera and Landy Rodriguez

From our Bureau of Incredibly Stupid and Cruel Ransom Demands

Ignorance is not always bliss.

Clueless Al-Shabaab terrorists apparently think that the Castro regime is going to pay one and a half million dollars for two Cuban slave doctors who were kidnapped over a month ago on April 12.

Obviously, these Al-Shabaab dolts in Kenya know nothing about Castro, Inc.’s finances or its modus operandi.

Unless Castro Inc can convince them to accept two useless non-convertible Cuban pesos for each doctor, those two poor souls — who were already working as slaves — will remain in Al-Shabaab’s hands for a long time, working for their new masters.

Please note that Al-Shabaab has already put them to work as their slaves, so chances are that they won’t be tortured or executed, not for a while, anyway, while they are useful.

Miserere nobis, Domine, cubani sumus.


Clueless Al-Shabaab kidnappers

From The East African

Al-Shabaab militants suspected of abducting two Cuban doctors in northeastern Kenya are now demanding Ksh150 million ($1.5 million) in ransom.

This is according to the community elders who had gone to a remote village in Jubbaland, Somalia, where Dr Assel Herera Corea, a general practitioner, and Dr Landy Rodriguez, a surgeon, were believed to be held.

From both Mandera and Bulahawo in Somalia, the elders had been sent to the village located between Buale and El-Adde to negotiate for the release of the doctors.

Kenyan police spokesman Charles Owino said he had no such information.
In the Somali community, elders are highly regarded and have the ability to resolve dangerous and sometimes complex issues.

The elders have confirmed that the two medics are alive and offering treatment to the community in a restricted area controlled by the Al-Shabaab.

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