Maduro dictatorship providing safe haven in Venezuela to 45% of Colombia’s ELN terrorist organization

No surprise Cuba’s state sponsor of terror, the Castro dictatorship, is ordering their puppet dictator in Venezuela to provide safe haven for Colombian terrorists.

Felipe Hernandez in PanAm Post:

45% of the Colombian Terrorist Group ELN is in Venezuela

The Marxist guerrilla group ELN is operating in Venezuelan territory with the approval of Nicolas Maduro’s socialist dictatorship.

According to Colombian General Luis Fernando Navarro, 45% of the terrorist group ELN (National Liberation Army) is currently operating out of Venezuela.

General Navarro declared that they are working to determine the exact number of troops in that country.

Over one thousand men out of 2,300 guerrilla soldiers identified by the Colombian Ministry of Defense are thought to be on Venezuelan soil. According to General Navarro, these men are mobilized in border states such as Zulia, Apure, and Tachira, with the approval of Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

“Based on our intel reports, we estimate that about 40% or 45% of the ELN is in Venezuela, particularly the North, Northeast, and East fronts. That is also the case with respect to its leadership: alias “Pablito” remains in the Apure state along with other top leaders from the National Directorate,” claimed General Navarro in an interview for Caracol Radio.

What is the ELN Doing in Venezuela?

The PanAm Post has spoken with sources confirming that the ELN operates in 12 Venezuelan states in total, carrying out operations similar to those they used to undertake in Colombia.

Fundaredes director Javier Tarazona informs us that the ELN recruits migrants fleeing from the regime: they control radio stations, manage and distribute CLAP boxes (boxes with basic goods such as milk, corn flour, vegetable oil, among others), and indoctrinate minors at schools nearby the Colombia-Venezuela border.

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