Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, very, very sad that his family’s cruise to Cuba was cancelled

Heartbroken Mayor Rick Kriseman

From our Heartless Clueless Jerks Who Might Be Closet Bigots Bureau

Awww… The mayor of St. Petersburg booked a cruise to Cuba with 14 family members only to find out on the way there, out in the high seas, that due to the mean Mr. Trump their “dream vacation” had been cancelled.

Mayor Kriseman and his family ended up in the Bahamas instead.

Awww…. Mayor Kriseman had been to Castrogonia three times already, and he had planned the whole intinerary for his family, including meals at two “paladars”, which, as he explained, were “privately owned, and not government” eating establishments.

Yes, “privately owned,” sure, Rick….Do you know how much of their profits they have to turn over to the government? Or anything else about that so-called “private enterprise” in Castrogonia? Of course you don’t…

Awww…. This trip to one of the most repressive and poverty-ridden hell-holes in the world was intended as a celebration of the mayor’s in-law’s birthdays.

Yes, a “celebration”…. Imagine celebrating anyone’s birthday in the Third Reich or Stalin’s Gulag or Apartheid South Africa.

Awww…. nauseating video available… see for yourself below…

And, by the way, Castro, Inc. loved the mayor’s disagreement with the Trumpinator so much that it published a whole article about it in its propaganda rag “Prensa Latina.”

Good work, Mr. Mayor, great job of aiding a murderous repressive regime.


St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman and his family were on their way to Cuba when an order from the Trump administration threw off their plans.

Kriseman was on a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel bound for Havana that stopped first in Key West before getting diverted to the Bahamas. He and his wife were taking in the sunset on the back of the ship when word came down about their drastic change in itinerary.

Awww… so sorry we didn’t get to amuse your family, Mr. Mayor….

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