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Miriam Brown has stuck in her heart the sad story of the outrage of the Castro regime Francis Brown: an inopportune American to Castro - Francis Brown, a 68 year-old U.S. citizen (born August 15, 1910), died April 27, 1978 at the General Hospital of Guantanamo, Cuba, after receiving an injection his daughter believes was meant to kill him. That same day, his daughter´s unborn child was reportedly murdered at a Havana Hospital by doctors controlled or employed by Cuba’s State Security. CubanReporter.Net - Editors LinCu Information Services Brown was a U.S. World War II veteran who had been stationed by the U.S. Navy at its the Naval Base at Guantanamo and had then stayed on as a civilian. When the revolutionary regime came to power in January 1959, he was working as a diver at the base and lived in the Cuban city of Guantanamo with a local woman and their daughter, Miriam. According to Miriam, when hostilities between the Castro regime and the U.S. government escalated, Brown was alerted of a plot to …
Vice President Mike Pence America stands with Israel - Today, @POTUS took a historic step to make it clear America stands with our allies - especially our most cherished ally, Israel. Vice President Mike Pence @VP Edited and Illustrated by CubanReporter.Net LinCu Information Services For nearly 20 years, US Congress & successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Yet more than two decades of talk has resulted in no action - until now. Trump is a man of his word & is committed to keep the promises he made to the American people. As the world saw today, this President is just as committed to the cause of peace - in the Middle East, and across the wider world.
Never be afraid to praise God anywhere Don’t be afraid to praise God… Anywhere! - Just think instead of protesters in the street we could have this it would be a real game changer. In every city, at once, that would be so wonderful! Love this America needs more of this! - Carolyn Hartsell Credit: Official Hezekiah Walker Love this song. God Bless Mr. Hezekiah Walker for doing this. I would've been out there rocken right with them. More Gospel artist should do this. And also speaking outside as well. God said spread the Gospel, not keep it contained in buildings only. There are millions of people who don't attend church, who don't here the word, this could be the way to draw more people in. This is a country of freedom of speech and for the ones who don't want to listen or partake well then God Bless you, but don't listen. I hope this is done more and more. This was beautiful. Wonder …
This is what a true American looks like during the National Anthem and hes only 2 How a true American looks like during the National Anthem - This is how a true American looks like during the National Anthem, and he's only 2! CubanReporter.Net - Editors
Am I drunk or this octopus is looking for a fight Octopus looking for a fight - Am I drunk or this octopus is looking for a fight? CubanReporter.Net - Editors
An Atlantic Goliath Grouper in southern Pinar del Rio Cuba was caught off guard by Soviet Russians who were guests of the Castroism Our Planet | Endangered species protection - UPPER IMAGE: National Park Service diver Paul O'Dell hang out with an Atlantic Goliath Grouper at Dry Tortugas National Park off Key West, Florida. Photo Brett Seymour. IN THE SECOND IMAGE: An Atlantic Goliath Grouper in southern Pinar del Rio, Cuba, was caught off guard by Soviet Russians, who were guests of the Castroism. CubanReporter.Net - Editors Cuba: Protection of the endangered species? Yes, the Cuban revolutionary "law" prohibit to nationals of the Cuban Archipelago practicing underwater fishing and exploring due to national security concerns.
Exclusive picture of the Cubans and their leaders. Author: Mister Cuvi, Miami Tell me what you boast about - Tell me what you boast about and I'll tell you what you lack of, so the old saying goes, does it? CubanReporter.Net - Editors