No drones for you! Cuba bans popular gadgets

From our Bureau of Socialist Totalitarian Quirks

Ha! Thought you could bring your drone to Cuba, to get aerial videos and photos of your slumming adventure to the Caribbean human zoo?

Awwww. Too bad. When it comes to these gadgets your apartheid status as a superior being is not recognized in Castrogonia.

This is one of the few exceptions to the socialist paradise’s apartheid system. When it comes to drones, you are in the same boat as those inferior noble savages that inhabit the island.

In Castrogonia, only the government is allowed to have full access to drones, and anyone caught with a drone –even if they aren’t using it — can end up in prison.

It’s one of fifteen countries in the world that won’t allow anyone to fly drones. Most of the members of this exclusive club are repressive hell-holes of one sort or another. The only moderately free country on the list is Barbados.

So, just like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, King Raul says “No drones for you!”

From Gizbot

The drone is gradually getting very popular for capturing aerial shoots and beautiful cinematography. There are many Indian creators who carry drones to many parts of the worlds. Many countries have accepted the drone adoption and made it legal with some terms and conditions but still, there are countries who have strict restrictions on carrying or flying drones. 

According to a research 71 countries still have no drone laws. But 7 Per cent of the world’s countries have banned the drone. Here is the list of 15 countries where drones are banned.

Cote d’Ivoire
Saudi Arabia

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