No sex shops for you! Shameless Cuban libertines dare to demand legalization of sex toys

From our Bureau of Indecent Stuff

Ay, Mami, no me hables de esto ! Por favor !

Guess what? Despite its reputation as a haven for sex tourism, freewheeling prostitution, pedophilia, and all other sorts of depravity, Castrogonia has laws against “obscenity” that make it illegal for sex toys and other such paraphernalia to be sold on the island.

So, no sex shops for you! And this applies to tourists, especially, who might find themselves hankering for some items that might enhance their intimate moments with Cuban prostitutes of all kinds, including those who are children.

To remedy this situation — and to make Castrogonia as “normal” as the rest of the world — some Cubans have dared to request an end to the ban on sex toys.

Castrogonia’s top sex expert, the Booger Princess Mariela Castro, has yet to comment on this issue.

No word either from Cardinal Emeritus Jaime Ortega, whose Catholic Church is supposed to consider all such stuff instruments of perdition. .

Miserere nobis, Domine, Cubani sumus….

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From Pink News

Consolez Vous is a pop-up ‘sex shop’ in Cuba, where distributing anything “obscene” is illegal, and the artists behind it are calling for the legalisation of the sale of sex toys.

The name of the pop-up means “console yourself” in French, and is also a play on “consolador”, the Spanish word for dildo.

The artists Yanahara Mauri, Joan Diaz Perez and Javier Bobadilla want to tackle the fear around sex toys in the Communist-run country and call for their legal distribution.

The distribution of anything deemed obscene is banned in Cuba.

Mauri, a photographer who looks at gender, identity and socio-sexual issues in her work, told Reuters: “We want to break the taboos. In the rest of the world, this is normal now.”

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