Photo of the Day: The original Cuban coffee ‘ventanitas’ (windows)

Many visitors to Miami who have become addicted to Cuban coffee marvel at the multitude of Cuban coffee ventanitas that are never more than a few minutes away and offer the delicious caffeinated nectar at all hours. South Florida’s Cuban coffee windows are indeed a marvel, providing convenience and efficiency, not to mention Cuban coffee, which is vastly superior to anything a “barista” at some hipster coffee shop can brew.

In addition to Cuban coffee, ventanitas also offer pastelitos, croquetas, empanadas, sandwiches, and a myriad of other items you can eat right there while you stand at the window.

But the idea did not begin in Miami with Cuban exiles. The ventanita concept is something, like Cuban coffee itself, Cuban exiles brought with them to Miami.

Here is a photograph of one of those ventanitas in Cuba from the island’s pre-Castro era. You can almost smell the colada brewing.

H/T Vintage Cuba

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