Pope Francis ANGRILY REFUSES (!!!) to meet with democratically-elected and (practicing) Catholic Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini–but slobbers over mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring, communist-atheist dictators Raul and Fidel Castro…Le RRRONCA!

“Pope won’t meet with Italy’s Salvini because of his position on migration— Two Italian publications reported that Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini “has attempted to secure a papal audience and been rebuffed each time … Salvini had been told ‘a meeting could not occur if Salvini continues in his tough position regarding migrants.’”

Above: Raul Castro LAUGHING to the media about murdering over ONE THOUSAND Cubans by firing squad

Above, please note the race of the (untried) firing squad victim as opposed to the race of the (Castro-directed) firing squad and its commander–and please remember that Pope Francis’ complaint against Matteo Salvini is his “racism.”

On the other hand……(see below)


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