President Guaido credits U.S. sanctions on the Castro dictatorship for weakening of Cuban spy network in Venezuela

While the usual suspects all jumped up to denounce the Trump administration’s increasing sanctions on Cuba’s Castro dictatorship for its intervention in Venezuela, it appears the policy is indeed working. In an interview with Miami’s El Nuevo Herald, Venezuela’s legitimate president Juan Guaido told the newspaper the Cuban spy network in Venezuela has been significantly weakened by the sanctions against the socialist Castro dictatorship.

(My translation):

Venezuela’s interim president Juan Guaido says the efforts by the Donald Trump administration to cut the flow of Venezuelan crude to Cuba is working and has resulted in a weakening of Havana’s network of spies in his country.


“The intelligence network has decreased by a certain amount after cutting off the flow of petroleum to Cuba [via sanctions]. The support from our allies have left these networks without funding,” said Guaido.

“Because of these actions, the network is weaker than it was a year ago,” the interim president emphasized.


[Guaido] explained the effects of the sanctions can be seen, for example, in the network Havana maintains to monitor citizens called Barrio Adentro [In the Neighborhood], where clinics operated by Cuban personnel gathered intelligence on individuals from the communities where they were operating.

“They had an intelligence network [there] too,” but the presence of Cuban personnel today is reduced because of the drop in income. “They continue to be a factor of fear, but it’s much weaker,” he said.

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