Raul Castro makes JACKASSES (or worse!) out of Obama and John Brennan who gifted Cuba our drug-enforcement intelligence after Castro “promised!” that Cuba had given up drug-smuggling! (BREAKING!–“Ship bound from Cuban port found loaded with $90 million in illegal drugs.”)

“Panamanian authorities on Saturday (May, 18, 2019) intercepted 46 suitcases containing an estimated $90 million in illegal drugs on a cargo ship that arrived from a Cuban port and was en route to Istanbul, Turkey. The suitcases contained 1,517 packages of drugs hidden in a container declared as containing charcoal.”

Needless to add: no mainstream U.S. media portal (not even FOX!) has reported on this BLOCKBUSTER embarrassment to the Obama team.)

Not content with merely hailing and embracing The Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (habitually mislabeled as “Cuba” by the Fake News Media) as noble partners in our war against drug-smuggling!–Obama (presumably with Brennan’s sign-off) gave Castro’s KGB-trained apparatchiks an intimate tour of the U.S. Southern Command’s Command Center against Drugs!

Cuban security officials toured Key West drug-war center— “A delegation of Cuban government national security officials recently toured the Pentagon’s counter-drug center in Key West — a first, signaling a nascent effort in U.S.-Cuban security cooperation, the admiral in charge of the U.S. Southern Command disclosed Wednesday.

Navy Adm. Kurt Tidd described the effort to crack down on illegal trafficking in the Caribbean as an “area of mutual interest” between the two nations that restored diplomatic relations July 20, 2015.

Lt. Cmdr. Derek Cromwell, escorted the four-member Cuban security delegation on a familiarization tour of the so-called Joint Interagency Task Force South, at the Truman Annex of the U.S. Navy base in Key West on April 21…

They got a briefing on the work of the multi-agency, multi-national organization that has been described as Southcom’s command center in the war on drugs, toured the Joint Operating Center there and met with representatives of 18 different countries assigned there. “

(NO! Amigos!–The info above is not from a SNL or Monty Python Skit!–NO!-the info above is not a spoof from Babylon Bee. Though Cuba’s major patron’s (seen below) could scarcely control themselves upon hearing of it) It’s all factual. Thorough documentation with links provided here.)

Not to be outdone, the (Deep) State Department warmly commended the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate for their anti-Drug-smuggling accomplishments: “Cuba has kept drug trafficking, in check— Although Cuba sits in close proximity to Caribbean drug lanes and the U.S. market, the U.S. State Department’s annual narcotics control report found that (Cuba) is not a major consumer, producer or transit point for illegal narcotics…Cuba and the United States have begun to work more closely on combating the drug trade. A new U.S.-Cuba drug accord was signed in July 2016, and there is a U.S. Coast Guard liaison in the U.S. Embassy in Havana to coordinate with Cuban law enforcement. Direct communications between the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Cuba’s National Anti-Drug Directorate began in July.”


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