Russian warships due to arrive on Monday in Cuba for official visit

The Russian navy has sent a flotilla of warships to Cuba, which are scheduled to arrive on Monday in Havana. The ships include Russia’s newest missile frigate and its escorts.

Via Xinhua:

A flotilla comprising Russia’s most modern warship and its escorts will on Monday arrive at the Havana port for an official visit, said Cuban Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces on Sunday.

One of Russia’s newest warships, the Project 22350 missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, heads the naval group.

“During their stay in our country, the Russian sailors will carry out a program of activities that includes courtesy visits to the chief of the Revolutionary Navy, as well as touring places of historical and cultural interest,” said the official daily Juventud Rebelde.


Admiral Gorshkov entered service in July 2018 and is one of the first to carry Russia’s Poliment-Redut air defense system, which consists of the Poliment phased array radar and the Redut surface-to-air missile system, a navalized version of the ground-based S-350.

The visit is in obvious support of Cuba’s socialist Castro dictatorship and a message to the Trump administration and the U.S. military. It also forces many Americans liberals into a quandary: Do they condemn yet more aggression by Putin or do they keep quiet to protect the communist Cuban regime? My guess would be the latter.

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