Sen Richard Blumenthal was never in Vietnam

“Senator Richard Blumenthal must talk about his fraudulent service in Vietnam, where for 12 years he told the people of Connecticut, as their Attorney General, that he was a great Marine War Hero. Talked about his many battles of near death, but was never in Vietnam. Total Phony!” – President Donald J. Trump.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct) in Wikipedia
Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct) in Wikipedia

Sen Blumenthal on U.S.-Cuba relations new policies
The Connecticut’s Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal expressed concern with the President Donald J. Trump new policies on U.S.-Cuba relations.
Senator Richard Blumenthal said he wants to see how the policy change plays out, but said he hoped Cuban human rights and relations with the U.S. could improve through more “trade, visits and contacts. President Trump should build on the new course that President Obama set and recognize that diplomacy and people-to-people ties are the best way to bring democracy and prosperity to the people of Cuba.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct) is a Cosponsor with Sen Jeff Flakes (R-Az) of the Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act of 2017

This bill states that: (1) the President may not prohibit or otherwise restrict travel to or from Cuba by U.S. citizens or legal residents, or any of the transactions incident to such travel, including banking transactions; and (2) any law, regulation, or policy in effect on the date of enactment of this bill that prohibits or otherwise restricts such travel or transactions incident to such travel shall cease to have any force or effect.
Nothing in this bill may be construed to limit the President’s authority to restrict such travel or any transaction incident to such travel if the President determines that such restriction is necessary to protect: (1) U.S. national security, or (2) the health or safety of U.S. citizens or legal residents resulting from traveling to or from Cuba.
Prior to restricting travel to Cuba, the President shall submit a written justification to Congress.

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