Sen. Rick Scott calls on Trump to discuss British support of Cuba’s dictatorship with Prince Charles during UK visit

Two months ago, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited communist Cuba and provided the totalitarian socialist Cuban regime a major public relations victory. The royals’ visit to the island is part of the UK’s strategy to expand diplomatic ties with the corrupt and murderous Castro dictatorship.

On Tuesday, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) released a statement calling on President Trump to discuss Britain’s expanding diplomatic ties and subsequent support of Cuba’s repressive regime with Prince Charles when he meets with the royal during his visit to the UK next month.

Via Florida Politics:

It has been almost two months since United Kingdom’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla made their historic visit to Cuba and on Tuesday Florida’s Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Scott renewed his denunciation of the trip and asked President Donald Trump to say something to the Prince about it.

Trump is planning to meet with Prince Charles on the President’s trip to the United Kingdom next month, perhaps on June 3.

In recent weeks Scott has been increasingly expressing his crusade against Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and by extension against Cuba, which supports him, and by extension against anyone who supports Cuba.

On Tuesday he issued a statement declaring that he is asking Trump to talk with Prince Charles about the trip and Cuba, to try to get the United Kingdom to change its diplomatic expansion with Cuba.

While it is highly unlikely Prince Charles would change his mind after a conversation with Donald Trump, the talk would send a clear message to the British government that supporting murderous and criminal dictatorships, especially in the Western Hemisphere and against the U.S. and the region’s interests, will come at a high cost.

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