State Security armed with assault rifles keep watch over food ration lines as shortages worsen in socialist Cuba

Once again, Cuba’s socialist dictatorship finds itself unable to feed its slaves. The faucet of cash flowing out of Venezuela has been reduced to a trickle and their puppet dictatorship in Caracas is hanging by a thread. This has aggravated food shortages on the island, forcing the Castro regime to ration more food items. The lines for Cubans to obtain mere morsels to feed themselves and their families have now become all-day affairs.

With hundreds of people — tired, hungry, hot, and miserable — congregated in one spot and standing in a line just to get enough food to last them a day or two, things can get out of hand rather quickly. The misery and frustration of the Cuban people is growing, causing the Castro dictatorship to take extra precautions to ensure the situation does not get out of control.

That is why the Castro dictatorship has dispatched heavily armed State Security agents to many of these food lines. The last thing the socialist regime wants is for the people to get any ideas they can lash out or rebel against the dictatorship that has oppressed and starved them for six decades.

This is what real socialism looks like. Cuba has provided the world a clear and indisputable illustration of this failed and deadly ideology for sixty years. All anyone has to do is look.

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