Surprise! Cuba denies involvement in drug trafficking

Cuban cocaine shipment

From our Bureau of Totally Unsurprising Responses From Narcoterrorists

Awww. Their huge 1,500-packet 90-million-dollar cocaine shipment to Turkey was intercepted in Panama, and now Castro, Inc. is pretending that the drugs were not theirs.

Someone else planted the drugs, to make them look bad.

Awww. Poor victims. So unjustly reviled and persecuted.

If it weren’t for the fact that this story is getting zero attention from major news outlets, and that many around the world who will somehow stumble upon this denial will believe their lies, this denial by Castro, Inc. would actually seem hilarious.

Cuban cocaine under guard in Panama

From Famagusta Gazette:

Cuba denied on Tuesday any link to the illegal drugs which were hidden in a container from the island country and intercepted by Panamanian authorities.

It was found after investigations in Cuba and Panama that the container seal was changed after placing the drugs, the General Customs Office of the Republic of Cuba said in a statement.

Cuba also reaffirmed its policy of zero tolerance towards drug trafficking in the statement, pledging to strengthen cooperation with agencies, countries and services to fight this scourge.

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