Surprise! Cuba’s foreign medical brigades are a sham and an insidious form of slavery

Cuban dissidents and troglodyte exiles have been saying this for years and years, but now, finally, a leftist news organization seems to be waking up to the truth.

From Granma Parisienne (Agence Press-France)

A great source of pride for communist Cuba is a medical corps that has fanned out across the globe for decades to help people in troubled or poor countries.

But don’t tell that to doctor Orazal Sanchez, who spent much of his professional life in this brigade and grew disillusioned with what he saw as a system of oppression that is heavy on ideology and bogus solidarity towards host countries.

It was during a posting in Botswana’s Kalahari desert that he finally quit after becoming fed up with heavy-handed rules like being forced to surrender his passport and being encouraged by supervisors to inform on colleagues.
And even after he’d left the medical corps, he still felt oppressed by the Cuban government, which prevented him from returning home and refused to hand over his certifications, meaning he had to start his career all over again.

“The sad thing is that we are still slaves. We think we are free, but so long as we have family in Cuba, we continue to work for the system,” said Sanchez, 40, an endocrinologist.

Sanchez and two other former doctors in the program who spoke to AFP using pseudonyms shared similar concerns about the corps, one of the flagship initiatives of the revolution led by the late Fidel Castro since its creation in 1963.

Today it is one of the Cuban government’s most lucrative programs, bringing in $11 billion in revenue between 2011 and 2015.

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Slavery and propaganda

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