Surprise! Venezuela’s puppet dictator has spent a fortune on Santeria rituals in Cuba

From our Malevolent Spirits Bureau

Ay, Mildred! It seems Nicolas Maduro has squandered a significant amount of Venezuela’s money on Santeria rituals in Castrogonia.

Yes, the vile puppet of the Castro regime apparently feels a need for protection from Yoruba deities, most probably the same ones that have been helping the Castro dynasty for over sixty years.

So, any way you look at it –if you care about human rights and real social justice — these spiritual beings most definitely have a malevolent side that can be tapped with the proper sacrifices.

So it goes. The dark side of The Force was not invented by George Lucas. It has always been there in human history, beckoning, offering power to those who willingly choose evil.

And one has to ask: did all of that money go directly to the Santeria shamans, or did Castro, Inc. take its usual 92 percent cut?

Well… you know the answer to that question, don’t you?

From Express (UK)

Hugo Carvajal, former director of the country’s military intelligence, lashed out at Mr Maduro in an open letter. Responding to a claim from the Venezuelan ruler that he was dismissed for gross misconduct, Mr Carvajal made several explosive claims about the President’s religious beliefs and financial conduct. A staunch ally of former President Hugo Chavez, the same reverence was certainly not applied to the new leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

He wrote: “The people should also know that your religious sacrifice rituals in Cuba were paid by your minister of finance, who on at least one occasion sent a briefcase with $500,000 in cash to Havana in a PDVSA plane.”
Mr Maduro was accused of performing Santeria rituals in Cuba while leaving ordinary citizens with desperate shortages back in Venezuela.

Santeria is a popular Cuban religion – literally meaning the “worship of saints” – that combines Roman Catholicism with elements of the Yoruba tradition.

Mr Carvajal continued: “How dare you call yourself Christian when you follow any belief you come across?

“You are a devout Santero, follower of Sai Baba and who knows what other religion.

“I suppose that you must by some means justify all the atrocities you have committed against the Venezuelan people.”
Mr Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic and claims to maintain his Christian beliefs – but some fear his relationship with Cuba is religious as well as political.

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